At ClearView Displays, we want to make sure your message is clear.

Our job is to bring each customer's message directly to their targeted audience in a way guaranteed to grab their attention. We use high-quality LCD monitors that display silent, non intrusive, yet highly effective advertising promoting the products and services of businesses more effectively than traditional advertising.

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Pedaling Your Wares In Charleston

Did you know that Charleston, selected favorite city and best shopping by Southern Living Magazine 2007, has approximately 4.5 million visitors annually that spend an average of $235 per person per day? How would you like to advertise your business to a captive audience of these visitors being transported all over town, seven days a week from 9am to 2am? A new and innovative way of advertising, screens mounted onto the rickshaws at Charleston Pedicab are guaranteed to catch a lot of attention. Your ad will be silent and non-intrusive, yet eye catching and highly effective. You won't find this system elsewhere!

CLICK HERE to request more detailed information about advertising on Charleston Pedicab's rickshaws.

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If you're interested in leasing 10 flat panel displays for use on your rickshaws, please contact Joel at 843.819.6534 for more information.
There is a trend in advertising that traditional marketers don't want you to know. Traditional radio, print and television are becoming less and less effective as technology advances and people are becoming more sophisticated.  
  People want to see your message and understand what you offer quickly to determine whether they are interested in your service. ClearView Displays offers a new way to make sure “Your Message Is Clear.”
The digital signage industry is a little known player in the market but the industry has made a splash since virtually everyone notices the impact of high-resolution digital displays in gyms, airports, shopping malls, or other public places.  
  Changes to message text happen system-wide within 48 hours. Ads can be custom designed or stale ads can be updated and animated. Viewers will see your ad 10 times per hour on ultra thin Liquid Crystal Displays ranging from 10” to 60” in size
The mission of ClearView Displays is to deliver powerful communication that influences buying decisions.
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